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Twilio Whatsapp integration

Written by Miguel Michelson


The Twilio console walks you through the process, but here's what you need to do:

  1. Head to the WhatsApp sandbox area of the Twilio console, or navigate from the console to Programmable SMS and then WhatsApp
  2. The page will have the WhatsApp sandbox number on it. Open your WhatsApp application and start a new message to that number
  3. The page also has the message you need to send, which is "join" plus two random words, like "join flagrant-pigeon". Send your message to the sandbox number

Chaskiq configuration:

Go to App's settings and search on the Available API integrations for the Twilio package, and click on the + (plus sign) and put your Twiilio account SID and your Twilio Auth token.

Once you got configured the Twilio app integration Chaskiq will provide a webhook URL for you to put on the Twilio console. In Chaskiq go to the Settings -> Integrations -> Active integration Tab and click the edit (pencil button):

it will popup a window with the associated webhook URL

Now, for the final part. You will need to put the URL on the Twilio console so enter that URL in the WhatsApp sandbox admin in the input marked "When a message comes in" and save the configuration.

Testing your Chat

You can now send a message to the WhatsApp sandbox number and your Chaskiq application will swing into action and will display the conversation with the associated number.

And that's all, happy whatsapping