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Routing Bots

Written by Miguel Michelson


Chaskiq Bots allow you to generate desicional trees that allow you to route conversations to a person (agent) by automatically assigning them to the conversation or to close conversations that reach a certain point

In the automated conversation flow, it is possible to request information from the user, such as email, name or other data. It is also possible to insert extensions or add-ons in the same flow.
Each bot flow can be configured the type of audience to which we want to direct it, this can be, to the type of visitor: Registered user, Anonymous visitor or Lead In Getonbord we have some bot flows already created that offer the user To create a flow we must go to the Chat Flows section, and choose one of the two options, For outbound or For new conversations


Then within a flow we can choose the audience to which we want to address, we can choose one or more filters to configure a specific audience, The following example shows how we can choose Leads with an email containing "veloso"

Flow Editor

The flows are very simple to use and allow generating routes through which we will take the visitor to their final destination. This is especially useful when we want to prepare the conversation before it reaches a human, for example, request contact information and know what it is. your problem (or the category of your problem).

Note that here we use an "app" called Qualifier, this app allows you to request any field or attribute of the visitor, there the conversation will be blocked until the person adds their data. The Apps are magnificent and can have different uses. Qualifier is only an integrated app but you can make others, for example, payment buttons, board games and a long etcetera. Then at the bottom of the form there are two buttons, "Follow Action" and "Reply button"

Reply Button

Reply button allows linking paths or conversation paths, for example the user can choose between one or more actions that can lead you to different paths, and these paths themselves may have other Reply Buttons that lead you to other paths. you can even do infinite conversation loops!

Follow Actions

Follow actions currently allow you to automate how you want the path to close. if the visitor reaches that route and finds a follow action, then the flow ends. There are two options, assign an agent or close the conversation and each path can have its own follow actions strategy.

And finally the result:

Depending on which your audience settings are , the user will get the chat flow triggered