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Enviroment Variables configuration

Written by Miguel Michelson


This are the environment variable that Chaskiq uses to work on production:



WS: wss://


ADMIN_PASSWORD: youradminpassword

RAILS_ENV: production

RACK_ENV: production


LANG: 'en_US.UTF-8'


SECRET_KEY_BASE: and alphanumeric string 128 characters

DATABASE_URL: your database string connection url

REDIS_URL: your redis string connection url

Storage and Email notification:

This ones are also required in order for Chaskiq works properly

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: your amazon access key id

AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: your amazon secret key id

AWS_S3_BUCKET: amazon bucket name

AWS_S3_REGION: amazon region

SES_ADDRESS: email address from amazon ses service

SES_USER_NAME: ses user name

SES_PASSWORD: ses password

SNS_CONFIGURATION_SET: Amason ses sns configuration set (optional)

DEFAULT_SENDER_EMAIL: default email sender email, this is for the automated emails for recover password, team invite, etc.. 
DEFAULT_OUTGOING_EMAIL_DOMAIN: the domain in which your emails will be sent, for example , in contexts of conversations wil deliver as


GEOCODER_API_KEY: geocoder api key (optional)  

DEFAULT_GEOCODER_SERVICE: defaults to maxmind_local

SCOUT_KEY: ScoutAMP key , optional

BUGSNAG_API_KEY: bugsnag api key (optional)