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Written by Miguel Michelson


Chaskiq is a 100% open source conversational marketing platform built as an alternative to Intercom, Drift, and others platforms.


Chaskiq is a platform that enables chat communication with your site's visitors , either registered users or anonymous. This comunication can be shaped by chats conversations, pop ups messages and guided tours, or via external campaigns like newsletters.
The platform is a Ruby on Rails app that serves a graphql API which is consumed by a React application. It has minimal dependences, Postgres & Redis and interoperates with cdn providers like Amazon S3 for Storage and Amazon SES for email reception & delivery. But you are free to use other providers too as you would use them on a traditional Rails application.

The Platform:

Right now the platform is composed by a Graphql API, a web Panel were you can setup & manage unlimited number of applications for different sites , and Widget client which is installed on host app.
Also, the Chaskiq platform provides a documentation Help Center system in which this article is written. Here are some screenshots:

Web Widget

With a js snippet you can install the Chaskiq widget, also you can pass information of registered users with custom properties that will be ingested by Chaskiq.

Web Panel

Help Center

Feature Set:

- Segments or users filters to trigger campaigns, messages and bots. - use build in attributes like "last sign in", "country", "nº of sessions" or provide your own attributes from your registered users. - Embedable Widget Messenger - Embed web widget with a simple js snippet - Pass custom attributes to feed your segment properties - Secure data comunication with Encrypted data (JWE) - Multilanguage and Customizable color palette - Conversations - Agent's auto assignment - Extensible Chat editor with many kind of blocks ie: image, code, video, embed, giphy and more.. it's based in <a href="">Dante2</a> editor - Campaigns - Newsletters with programable scheduling and Audience target - track open, clicks and complaints - User auto messages, send messages to visitors through segments - track open, clicks - Receive & Reply those unreaded messages from email and deliver the directly to the chat. - Set Agent's team availability, days with their time frames. - Compose Onboarding tours to give an awesome experience on your site - track open, clicks and skips - set which url the onboarding should trigger, support patterns like /* All Campaigns messages are powered by Dante2, with all the bells and whistles.