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Install Chaskiq on Windows 10 for Development

Written by Miguel Michelson


So you want to set up development environment for Chaskiq on Windows 10? You can do it easily using Windows Subsystem for Linux 579 feature. It is faster too.This setup needs Windows 10 Anniversary Update. We’ll assume that you already installed Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu) on your Windows 10 system. Let’s begin!
Initially follow the steps from the topic Beginners Guide to Install Chaskiq on Ubuntu for Development until the step Clone Chaskiq.Before setting up the database you have to start PostgreSQL service & Redis server manually using following commands

sudo service postgresql start

redis-server --daemonize yes
  1. Then go through all the remaining steps of the Ubuntu guide.

Now your development environment is almost ready. The only problem is every time when you open Ubuntu on Windows you have to start PostgreSQL service & Redis server manually. Don’t worry we can have a work around for this by creating a custom command.

cd ~

Create a new file using the command nano start-chaskiq and paste the content below then save and exit.


# to start PostgreSQL

sudo service postgresql start

# to start redis server

redis-server --daemonize yes

Now modify the CHMOD using below command

chmod +x start-chaskiq

And copy the file to your bin folder

sudo cp start-chaskiq /usr/bin/

It’s done. Now whenever you open the Ubuntu bash just run the command below and start developing


To launch web server use bundle exec puma instead of rails server.